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NC PAT Technical Assistance

The NC PAT Network is offering technical assistance at various levels of intensity and focus to better meet the needs of PAT programs in NC. Technical assistance is available to all NC PAT programs to assist in identifying program strengths and to develop a continuous improvement plan in efforts to comply with the quality standards set forth by the PAT National Center.

The PAT National Center has developed Quality Standards and a self-assessment process to ensure quality service delivery and fidelity to the PAT model. There are eight quality standards: Personal Visits; Group Meetings; Screening; Resources and Referral Networking; Program Management; Recruitment and Retention; Evaluation; and Professional Development.

Technical assistance visits provided by the NCPAT Technical Assistance Team will use the quality standards to assist programs in program implementation and service delivery, the self-assessment process and to work towards a continuous improvement plan. Any technical assistance visits can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each program.

The levels of technical assistance will be offered as follows:

Level One: Orientation Visit
Programs in the first six months of implementation

Every new NCPAT program will receive a site visit within the first six months from the NCPAT State Coordinator or a member of the NCPAT Technical Assistance Team to discuss program implementation, professional development opportunities, resource materials, quality standards, and other issues of interest.

Level Two (A): Quality Standards Introduction Visit
Programs in Year 1+

Upon request, NCPAT programs will receive a site visit to meet with program administrators and/or staff to understand the quality standards and how to use them as a tool for self-assessment.

Level Two (B): Beginning the Self-Assessment Process
Programs in Year 3+

Upon request, NCPAT programs in their third year of implementation or greater will receive a site visit to begin efforts in the self-assessment process. This visit will include review of the quality standards, introduction of the user's tools developed by the PAT National Center, and assistance with developing a self-assessment plan of action. Programs will need to purchase the self-assessment guide from PATNC.

Level Three (A): Technical Assistance Site Visit
Programs in Year 1+

Upon request, NCPAT programs will receive a two-day technical assistance visit. Prior to the visit by Technical Assistance Team members, programs will be asked to perform the self-assessment for three quality standards, two of which will be program management and personal visits. The technical assistance visit will include record reviews, interviews and personal visit observations.

Level Three (B): Blended Programs Site Visit
Programs in Year 1+

Upon request, blended PAT programs, such as Even Start, Early Head Start, Head Start, and Healthy Families will receive a site visit by a Technical Assistance Team member to focus on personal visits and streamlining paperwork. The technical assistance visit will include personal visit observations and record review.

Level Four: Quality Standards Commendation
Programs in Year 3+

Upon completion of the self-assessment process, NCPAT programs can apply for commendation as a Program of Quality or a Program of Excellence from PAT National Center. The NCPAT Technical Assistance Team will provide assistance in the application process and preparation for the site visit by the PATNC Quality Standards Consultants.

Technical assistance visits can be requested by contacting Robin Roberts NCPAT State Coordinator at 919-571-8092 or robin.roberts@ncpat.org.